Blueprint2 is an essential productivity tool for tenant reps designed to revolutionise operational process and provide a competitive advantage for leasing office space.

Blueprint2 provides a professional, strategic and comprehensive communication framework for tenant reps to operate their business. Blueprint2 saves time, is repeatable and effective.

Blueprint2 provides Tenant Reps with access to one of the most exciting productivity tools available in the marketplace. Our tenant requirements automatic brief generator has been developed to increase the number of clients a single tenant rep can look after whilst simultaneously providing a superior service.

Built on the ethos that office space boosts business performance, Blueprint2 guides tenant reps and their clients to consider more than just the common questions when seeking commercial space.

After guiding tenants through the fundamentals such as location, size and budget, Blueprint2 examines the critical question…

Productivity Supercharger

So, how much would you pay to create a bespoke tenant requirements brief right in front of your clients in less than 30 minutes?

From as little as USD$35 per client brief

For a substantial multiplier in the number of brief outputs in your business per week (try our calculator below)

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“How will our new office space affect our business?”

The approach is simple; “office space matters”, and Blueprint2 strategically guides tenants to examine this by looking at 4 key elements of risk and opportunity associated with occupying office space:


How can we choose an office that best suits our client’s business?


How can our choice of office enhance our brand and positively affect our customers?


How can our choice of office increase operational efficiency and workplace productivity?


How can our choice of office attract the best staff and keep them happy and healthy?


The ability for a tenant rep to get the answers to these questions, critically assists with shortlisting office space options that perfectly match their client’s business needs. The outcome from this will be office spaces that will;

  • positively affect the accelerated growth of their business
  • attract the best and brightest to their business
  • directly contribute to reducing staff turnover and improve workplace productivity.

The result for tenant rep clients is the potential for improved business performance to be significant enough for their office rental costs to be completely offset. The result for tenant reps will be a tangible point of difference in their process from their competitors to convert prospects into clients. The outcome will be happy clients, more referrals, enhanced reputation, bigger pipeline, increased revenue streams and greater profitability.

“Blueprint2 helps tenants narrow down office briefs and acts as an intuitive resource, crafting a selection of office spaces based on the information and brief you provide. Obviously this saves time and resources, which allows you to get on with your day job. This resource is a ‘no brainer’ for tenants, property managers and tenant representatives.”
Daniel Gannon - Executive Director SA Division Property Council Australia
“Quite simply, utilising these tools will help brokers engage with their clients, become more efficient, win more mandates and make more money.”Craig Shute (former) Senior Managing Director, CBRE Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan